Who Are We?

Cognitive Market Research is an industry research and consulting company. We have been empowering clients worldwide for the last decade. There are three prominent services we provide
  • Syndicated and Customized Market Report Publications
  • Market Consultation (Experts + Research Analyst Support)
  • Subscription Services (Report Subscription, Industry Subscription, Website Subscription(Athenaeum Subscription))
How do we define us?
we redefine excellence in the realm of market research through our distinctive ICEBERG Model. Much like an iceberg, our comprehensive approach delves deep beneath the surface, combining the prowess of our in-house research team with the insights of industry experts and a global network of skilled freelancers.

Apart from the above 3 services a wide range of sub-services are also provided by us with the help of our in-house Research team. These sub-services include competitive analysis, industry overviews, market trends, etc. We help over 3000 organizations across 100+ countries make their strategic decisions to lead to exponential success and build a loyal clientele. Our robust research methodology, verified sources, credible industry experts, and Worldwide freelancers network ensures high data quality and accuracy. From syndicate reports to customized data and consultation services, we offer comprehensive solutions. Our commitment is to deliver relevant and fact-based research outcomes and drive strategic business decisions efficiently.

Customized Data with Consultation

Along with publishing syndicate reports, we understand every client's data requirements are different and can not be fulfilled with a standard report format. Hence our research team and network of industry experts and credible sources can assist you in customizing the data scope and delivering exclusive report access with the market consultation.

  • 100% Customization
  • Exclusive Report Copy provided to you.
  • NDA applied: Project Details will remain Confidential
  • Consultation: A Team of Dedicated Research Analysts will be assigned
  • Post Delivery Support (1 Year)
  • Projection Extention and Long-Term Service
Working with Cognitive Market Research has undoubtedly aided me and my organization in identifying the greatest resources and most cost-effective suppliers for our new manufacturing plant. Our distribution method was also channelized with the help of the CMR team.

Pentapharm Ltd.
In this challenging time, the variety of inputs given for different regions and countries has helped me make critical business decisions and find regions with the strongest demand for our goods.

Richard Wolf GmbH
Thank you to the CMR team for assisting us in determining our product market share in various locations. Your Research Team's strategies have helped us expand into new markets and increase our market share in existing ones.

Invacare Corporation.
Cognitive Market Research Response speed was excellent!! Their research team assured us that we received our specific demand in the shortest time possible, with near-perfect results.Thank you for your help, CMR team.

REPORT PURCHASED - Bath Lift Market Report 2024

Nippon Rika Group
The CMR team rapidly comprehended our demands and tailored the study to meet them. They were willing to make a few alterations outside of the agreed-upon scope to increase the study's quality. Interim reports were shared regularly, allowing us to assess study results, avoid misconceptions, and achieve our objectives. The well-organized data and excellent presentation of the final report made it simple to derive insights.

General Atomics.
I had a fantastic time working with the CMR team. They responded to my inquiry quickly. The package I eventually purchased was not what I had anticipated. The clear and timely information I received aided me in finalizing and purchasing this package that exactly met my needs.

REPORT PURCHASED - Gyrotrons Market Report 2024

Kemin Industries
Getting the information I wanted was a simple and quick process.

DewertOkin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
From a vast pool of market research organisations, we chose CMR. We made our decision based on the company's commitments, pitch, and value proposition. I can attest to their commitment to meeting their deadlines and sticking to the agreed-upon schedule. Their staff goes above and above to obtain secondary information that is not addressed in their providing brief.

Simon-Kucher & Partners
CMR agreed to cover our market research needs and assist us in developing our Go-to-Market strategy. They began their job in a state of upheaval, exacerbated by tight deadlines and a scarcity of data. We recognize that the relatively new nature of our industry makes breaking into its trends difficult. Despite the odds, CMR presented us with market-related value-based insights and inferences.

Kagome Foods
I did glance through CMR’s report, and can see how the information is very valuable. I appreciate a lot of effort has gone into compiling such a report.

Read & get educated & knowledge In case you wish to subscribe more than 2 reports/industries/analyst hours/multiple consultation of reports well in that case you should check the demo of our Athenium Subscription Services
Cognitive Market Research has been sited on various platforms some of the examples that we are cited on are mentioned below for your reference.
In this section you will be able to see the recent publication and the respective press releases we release for media and the promotion purpose please avail these publish report copies by getting in contact with our sales executive

Global Capability Centers Summit

Amidst the global business panorama, Decipher Market Research took part in the prestigious Global Capability Centers Summit. Engaging in dynamic discussions, they explored innovative strategies and industry trends, reinforcing their commitment to decoding market complexities and delivering unparalleled insights.


Webinar on Film Camera Market Report

Global Film Camera Market Report 2023 Market Split by Type (35mm Cameras,Medium Format Cameras,Large Format Cameras,Instant Film Cameras), Application (Personal Use,Commercial Use,Industrial Use,Military Use), Distribution Channel (Direct Channel,Indirect Channel) "The Global Film Camera Market Size 2023 will be $277.91 USD Million and will reach to USD 387.27 Million by 2030, growing a CAGR of 5.2 % during the forecast period."


Webinar on Shotgun Shell Market Report

Global Shotgun Shell Market Report 2023 Market Split by Type (Birdshot Shotgun Shell,Slug Shotgun Shell,Buckshot Shotgun Shell,Others), Application (Military & Defense,Entertainment,Competition), Gun Range (Short-Range,Medium-Range,Long-Range), Bore Diameter (Less than 15 Gauge,15 to 30 Gauge,More than 30 Gauge), Distribution Channel (Online,Offline) The Global Shotgun Shell Market is valued at USD 2,800.32 Million in 2021 and growing at a CAGR of 3.92% between 2023 and 2030.

In this section you will be able to see the recent publication and the respective press releases we release for media and the promotion purpose please avail these publish report copies by getting in contact with our sales executive

Researching Segmentation for the Launch of a Car Insurance Marketing Strategy

A new auto insurance company is set to introduce a unique policy in the United States, aiming to deliver a highly personalized service experience, streamline claim processing, and enhance assistance in the event of an accident. Prior to entering the market, the company aimed to gain deeper insights into the target audience's preferences and assess the resonance of the insurance concept with drivers. Furthermore, the company sought to fine-tune the brand concept, identify optimal messaging for the product, and craft an effective launch strategy. To achieve these goals, the company enlisted the expertise of Provoke Insights, commissioning them to conduct a comprehensive research study.


Developing a More Profound Comprehension of the Customer Experience Within a Casino Environment

A regulatory authority overseeing gambling activities in a Canadian province sought to gain insights into the casino customer experience. The goal was to provide informed guidance for future investments, aiming to enhance the enjoyment and well-being of the customer base.


Investigating the Patient Experience in Anticipation of Introducing a Novel Molecule

A pharmaceutical company geared up to introduce a novel molecule into a market already saturated and well-established. To ensure a successful launch, they sought to comprehend the experiences of individuals coping with the relevant medical condition. This involved identifying touchpoints, pivotal decision moments, and actions taken by patients throughout their journey, aiming to assess the product's potential efficacy.

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